Until a few months ago, Lailah* lived in Libya with her children while her husband worked abroad, visiting often. She had already rejected Islam, refusing to wear the veil or follow some of its traditions. When the revolution began, a friend – a local Christian – told her, ‘Now you have freedom. You have the freedom to learn about Jesus. Take advantage of this. Find out more about him.’

Lailah and her husband soon left Libya, deciding to settle in neighbouring Tunisia. Once there, Lailah contacted a Christian website to learn more about the Christian faith. Her husband said they would never respond, basing this assumption on his own experience with Islamic websites. To Lailah’s surprise and delight, they did.

Lailah’s details were passed on to some Tunisian workers who wrote back to her. After a time of correspondence, the decision was made to meet up in person.

‘I will only meet with you if you are a Christian and can tell me about Jesus,’ said Lailah, ‘and the only gift I will accept from you is the Bible.’

Lailah, her husband and two daughters listened intently for four hours as the gospel was presented to them. The worker reports, ‘It was such an amazing time together, sharing the love of God and feeling as if we’d known each other for years.’

Lailah was ready to give her life to Jesus but her husband was more hesitant. He wanted to take some time to read the Bible and he wanted them to come to the decision together. Lailah reluctantly agreed but continually began her sentences with, ‘When I become a Christian’. She also said that she knew of many people in Libya who were very interested. She wanted to win many people for Christ! Later that night, she texted to say they were all watching the Jesus Film together.

Since then, the worker has not been able to speak with Lailah, who has not been answering her phone. She texted to say she is having problems with her husband and asked for prayer.

We believe that Lailah and her family will come to faith. They have begun a life-changing and exciting journey. Let’s lift up this family and ask the Holy Spirit to continue to work in their hearts, removing all obstacles and bringing them to a strongly founded faith in Christ.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.