July to September 2018

The strength of Christ

One of the challenges we have as a ministry focused specifically on Muslims is that persecution is almost guaranteed for those who come to Christ. Indeed, it was quite surprising to learn that, in Tunisia, Siya’s* devout Muslim husband was supportive of his wife’s decision to follow Christ. He was even impressed by the outward changes her faith brought.

When we share the wonderful news of Jesus, we cannot skip past the reality of what life is like for a Muslim who has chosen to follow him. There will be challenges, and for some, these will be huge.

Our responders are a vital support to the many people who are in active contact with us. Within this article you will read stories and quotes from the people they encourage, people like Haia* who wrote the following:

‘My dear Lord, I confess that I have done things contrary to your will for me. But now I want to benefit from a relationship with you, so please forgive me for my sins. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I can be faithful to you. Thank you for saving me and allowing me to be your child. Speak to me, Lord, and help me to hear your voice and follow your path. I am desperate to spend time with you, Lord, on this earth but also in heaven. In the name of Jesus. Amen.’

The statistics: July to September 2018

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These stats relate to our Arabic language website and social media pages. The numbers for this quarter remain fairly healthy.

The people behind the stats

Tunisian women walking along streetIn the second quarter, we had a lot of women coming to faith. This was not a continuing trend for the region this quarter, but, interestingly, it does seem to continue in Tunisia. We still heard some wonderful stories of faith from women, though, including the one above from Haia. Here’s some background…

Although she began life as a Muslim, Haia had become an agnostic. In time, however, she became attracted to Christianity because she saw that it was a religion of peace, rather than one of violence and terror.

She had many questions when she first contacted us. Amongst other things, she wanted to know how mankind would be judged. Would it be based upon a person’s religious beliefs or on their deeds?

Patiently, our responder answered Haia’s questions and then went on to explain salvation, the cross and what it means to have a relationship with God. Haia understood and gave her life to Christ.

No doubts

Arab studentThere was also Hassan*, a student in the Middle East whose parents are devout Muslims who promote the cause of Islam.

Hassan was confused by some of the contradictions in Islam. When he shared this confusion with his cousin, he was surprised to discover he felt the same way. His cousin said that Islam was a myth, created by Muhammad so he could do whatever he pleased.

Hassan tried atheism, but eventually he reasoned that there must be a creator. In his search for the truth, he turned to the web and began comparing Islam with Christianity. He saw that Islam was a violent religion whereas Christ commands his followers to love their enemies.

Hassan now has no doubt that Christianity is the right path. He listened to what our responder had to tell him about the faith and received Christ in his heart.

Some ways to pray

As we approach the Christmas season, pray that our creative team would have inspiration. Pray for opportunities to display the real meaning of Christmas with our fans and followers.

We’d also appreciate your prayers as we think ahead to 2019. Our theme for the year will be revealed in December.

Finally, join us in giving thanks for God’s provision so far this year. We’re amazed at the generosity of those who partner with us financially. We thank our Father for each one who prays and gives, making it possible for us to continue bringing Jesus’ message of hope and salvation to Muslims of the Arab world.