This quarter our focus was to see the lives of new believers transformed and growing as disciples. Being Jesus’ follower does not stop at praying the sinner’s prayer. It requires a daily commitment to live a life that emulates Christ. Through the Word and by meeting up face to face, we walk together with new believers to help them grow as Christ’s followers in the Arab world.


Giving God glory

Within the months of July, August and September 2017, Arab World Media’s response team actively engaged with 2,537 Muslims who are searching for the truth. We give thanks for the 113 people who gave their lives to Christ! The response team was able to disciple 3,988 men and women online; they also connected 83 individuals with a believer in their own country. We give God all the glory for the work he is doing in these countries!

Encountering the message of love

Jesus said that others would know that we are his disciples because of our love for each other:

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35 ESV)

Many continue to be attracted to Jesus today because of his love. Here is a testimony from one of our responders in Algeria…

Muslim woman looking downHamida* and I were first in touch in January and she expressed her desire to know more about Christianity. I replied, but did not receive an answer. Then in July I sent her a greeting. She replied and stressed that she really did want to know about the Christian faith. She has read the gospel and been touched by the message of love.

Making disciples of all nations

When Jesus commissioned us to preach the good news to all peoples, he instructed us to make disciples – people who are Christ followers, learning to be ambassadors for him in everyday life. As we introduce people to the Saviour, we are aware that professing faith in him is only the beginning. Studying the Bible is a key part of this journey. We are excited that 46 people began to study the Bible regularly this quarter, and are being helped by members of our team.
Arabic Scripture

Mustapha* wrote from Morocco to say that he wanted Christ to be his Lord and Saviour. He also wanted to meet other Christians and study the Bible with them.

Similarly, in Algeria, Anas* contacted us to say that he wants to become a Christian and meet other Christians over the internet to study the Bible with them. We pray that he will soon be ready to meet Christians in his country face to face.

Claiming God’s promise

For it is written, ‘As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.’ (Romans 14:11 ESV)

Another amazing piece of news we received was from a Syrian refugee in a small town in Switzerland. He told a responder that he had believed in Christ two years ago and needed someone to teach and help him grow in faith. He even has the desire to evangelize other Muslims he knows! Even in a small town in Switzerland, the Lord desires to expand his kingdom and build his church.

Indeed, God is moving powerfully among Muslims of the Arab world. Let us claim his promise in Romans 14:11 for more disciples to be made in this region.

*Names have been changed.