A dream marks the beginning of a young Muslim man’s search for the truth.

Nabil* comes from a very devout Muslim family. Though there are Christians in his city, he had never met one and believed they were infidels. He was a very serious, conservative Muslim. Like those around him, he always fasted and prayed during Ramadan, seeking to honour God.

Bible But during this year’s Ramadan, Nabil had a dream that would change his life forever. In this dream, Nabil was in a church and saw a man reading from a book with a cross on its cover. The man gave him the book, then a large, shining cross appeared and a loud voice said, ‘This is my son’.

Asking questions

Nabil visited his local imam to ask about the meaning of the dream, but was told to forget it. He also told his family, who said it was a vision from Satan. He was told to pray and repent.

Just a short time later, he had another dream. This time, there was a demon holding his leg and he was overcome with fear. Then Jesus came and rebuked the demon. It released Nabil and he fled.

Once again, Nabil brought his dream to the imam, wondering how he could be dreaming of a demon since, according to tradition, they are supposed to be locked up during Ramadan. When he received nearly the same response as before, Nabil began to lose trust in Islam.

Arab Muslim reading on a deviceReading the Word

Nabil started to read the Bible and came across the passage where Jesus is baptised and a voice from heaven says, ‘This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased’ (Matthew 3:17b ESV)He was amazed at finding this because these were the exact words he heard in his dream!

Nabil searched online and found our Arabic website. He made contact with Mira*, who is one of our responders, and they talked in depth.

Nabil has now accepted Christ as his Saviour and continues to read and study the gospel.

It’s quite common for a Muslim to have a dream about Christ before making contact with our response team. It seems to be one of the Holy Spirit’s favourite ways of getting the attention of those who follow Islam. Praise God that Nabil didn’t listen to the imam or his family and chose to follow his heart. Pray that this young man would have a firm foundation in Christ and that his faith would be contagious.

* Names changed for security. Stock images have been used.