A testimony about the transforming power of God’s love.

Basmah* is a Muslim of Sunni background. She was once fully committed to Islam. After war came to Syria, she and her children saw many traumatic things. Basmah lost her husband, and her children lost their father, to the war. Along with millions of other Syrians, they left for Turkey and became refugees.

At the end of 2016, Basmah made contact with our response team. She had watched a video on our website, A Prayer for Syria, a beautiful psalm reflecting on the love of God even in times of distress and pain. But Basmah did not contact us because of this video. She wondered if we could help her get to Europe.

Question marksQuestions begin

Habib*, who is one of our responders, told Basmah that we were unable to help her get to Europe. But as he began talking about the God who cares for us, helps us and answers our prayers, Basmah began showing interest. She was full of questions. She was still a committed Muslim, but the things she had seen in Syria had shown a very different side of Islam to the one she had known. She had realised that Islam is not the religion of peace she had once thought it was.
Habib and Basmah studied the Bible together, looking at the Gospel of John. Basmah kept asking questions, in more depth than before.

Making new friends

In time, Basmah was ready to meet some believers in person. We were able to connect her with some Arabic-speaking workers in Turkey. They visited her home and a firm friendship began. Basmah began studying the Bible with her new friends. She realised that the Bible is the truth and gave her life to Jesus Christ.

On 12 May 2018 Basmah was baptised. Habib was thrilled to see a video of this! She has now opened her home to others. A small group has formed with the workers and some other refugees. Although Basmah would love to move to Europe, she is no longer actively seeking to go there. She simply wants to be where God wants her to be. For now, this is in Turkey.

Praise God for Basmah and her faith in him. Pray that her faith would be deeply rooted in Christ. Pray that wherever she and her family go, they will know that God goes with them. He is the One who says:

‘I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’ (Isaiah 41:10 ESV)

*Names have been changed.
Also note that stock images have been used.