Breakthrough is a monthly call to pray for the Arab world. In each edition we focus on a different country of the region, praying for ‘breakthrough’ over a particular stronghold.

Welcome to a more Ramadan-focused Breakthrough. This month, we’re praying for Tunisia with a focus on the stronghold of Ramadan itself. If you want to find out more about this month-long fast, take a look at the first post from our Rethinking Ramadan challenge. It’s not too late to sign up and take part, if you haven’t already done so.

Country focus: Tunisia

Key verse

The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price. (Revelation 22:17)


Tunisia is a small North African country, sitting on the coast of the Mediterranean between Algeria and Libya. Its population is roughly 11.5 million, the majority of whom are Sunni Muslims (99.1 percent).

Tunisia was a French protectorate for 75 years, gaining independence in 1956. As such, there is a strong French influence, particularly notable in architecture, law and language. It is one of the most secular countries of the Arab world.

In recent years, Tunisia has drawn attention as the birthplace of the Arab Spring. This happened at the beginning of 2011 and was relatively peaceful compared to other revolutions in the region. Tunisia remains fairly stable, although in 2015 two shocking terrorist attacks took place against tourists there. The overwhelming majority of Tunisians do not want a more Islamic government. However, the largest number of foreign fighters in ISIS come from this nation. Their return poses a challenge for the government.


Since the majority of Tunisians will be fasting this month, let’s pray for the stronghold of Ramadan to be broken. Ramadan began on 27 May and continues until 25 June. For nations like Tunisia where Muslims are the overwhelming majority, it is all engulfing.

Prayer points

  • Pray for the emptiness of the fast to become apparent, even to those who have taken part in it many times before. Pray that no amount of food would be able fill the hunger for truth in people’s hearts.
  • Pray that during this year’s fast many young Tunisians would begin to challenge the faith they have been instructed to follow. Pray that they would encourage one another to find answers to the questions they have.
  • In Islam, fasting is supposed to divert people’s hearts from worldly desires. They are encouraged instead to spend more time reading the Qur’an. Pray for Muslims to be drawn to passages in the Qur’an about Jesus. May his name be on their minds more than ever, and may they be curious to read about him in the Injil (Gospels).
  • Lift up our online ministry, praying that it would remain available to all during Ramadan. Pray that hackers who find our message offensive would be unsuccessful in bringing our website down.
  • Pray that many people would make use of the resources we provide, and ask that increasing numbers would make contact with our response team members.
  • Finally, pray for those who are not taking part in the fast. There are hundreds of Tunisian believers from a Muslim background in Tunisia. They will find this month tough and will feel pressure to take part. May they stand firm and may their faith win more hearts for Christ.

Thank you for your prayers!
The Arab World Media Team

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